Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Power Rangers Update 2/11

Finally got back on track with Power Rangers Henshin 2014... and if you thought Saban had issues with the 20th anniversary reunion they're not being helped by the easy addiction of fast quick copyright flagging of the New copyright content id of youtube... which now makes reviewing even harder than ever before.

Presently working on Episode 4 as Super Megaforce premieres. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Power Rangers Henshin 2014 Episode 2 Finally Updated

OK so the new episode is finally up and blogger fixed their link issues, which is good... but now I have to work on the next episode so... sigh. Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Podcasts on 4shared

For the last few days I have been having problems getting the links updated so I am expanding where the podcasts can be found while I wait for blogger to get their act together. The first two episodes of Power Rangers Henshin 2014 is now available on 4shared so check it out... hopefully the links can be updated soon, stay tuned.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Power Rangers Henshin 2014 Premieres

Well at long last I finally get Henshin Up going again with Power Rangers Henshin 2014, following Poewr Rangers past, present and it's future with both the 20th Anniversary and eventual Silver 25th Anniversary.

So check out Episode 1 please, new episode coming soon.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Power Rangers Henshin 2014 Schedule

Here's the upcoming schedule for Power Rangers Henshin 2014

9/28 - Episode 1 (Completed)
Alot of Megaforce coverage. Reviews of Episodes 1-2 & 10, commentary on Super Megaforce (2014) and classics content.

10/12 - Episode 2 (10%)
Reviews of Megaforce Episodes 3-4 & 11 as well as reviews of the first episodes of Samurai.

10/26 - Episode 3 (10%)
Reviews of Megaforce Episodes 5-6 & 12, and classic review of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

11/9 - Episode 4 (10%)
Reviews of Megaforce Episodes 7-8 & 13 and classic review of Power Rangers SPD

11/23 - Episode 5 (25%)
Collecting classic reviews of Episode 1-4 (Power Rangers Remastered, Lightspeed Rescue, Samurai and SPD)

12/7 - Episode 6 (25%)
Collecting Megaforce reviews of Episodes #1-#13+ (Episodes 9 and above 13 reviews NEW)

12/21 - Episode 7 (10%)
Year end episode. Super Megaforce update

That's the schedule for the rest of 2013! Episode 1 premieres 9/28 so stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Henshin Up is returning... admist confusion abound!

What?!? The newest Kamen Rider is somethingg called... KAMEN TEACHER?!?
ANOTHER Super Sentai about dinosaurs?!? Are the creators of Super Sentai a bunch of immortal grade schoolers?!?
Why is it I am sure the only good animation on TV in Japan right now is my favorite American pony show Friendship is Magic?
Speaking of America what is the latest on Megaforce?!? Has it returned from it's hiatus yet? What's the status of Super Megaforce aka the 20th Anniversary season crossover?!? What the heck is going on!!

Confusiohn about as we return to find strange things have taken over our once reliable franchises... but hopefully I will be able to sort it all out... maybe. Stay tuned for Henshin Up's return later this month!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saban's Legacy Cow - Milk Often

Apparently somebody doesn't get it. Maybe it's me, or Saban, but look at this. Who needs David Yost and the other anniversary pooper when you can live off the memories of Power Rangers Past, and shill 1001 re-released Power Rangers toys and cosplay stuff under the "Legacy" line of 20th Anniversary merchandise... until all the POOPERS poison the well with 1001 Saban horror stories on YouTube... but as I said previously that is the problem with this Anniversary, it's nothing more than a cash cow for Saban, celebrating 20 years of Power Rangers be damned, the first and only order of business is milking this for all its worth. Even if Saban could pocket much more by remembering the fans as something more than a source of income.

However Saban apparently has nothing to worry about, because if this one fan I ran into over at Across The Airwaves (one of the hosts of the DC Nation podcast) is any indication fans are more than willing to give Saban a free pass on just about anything being Saban apologists for whatever Saban does wrong. I don't know about them, but just because I have an opinion I am willing to voice, even if it's anti whatever company in question like Saban or Hasbro, I am not a troll. Being a fan of something doesn't mean it's my duty to pile into line behind the professional apologists and agree with everything no matter how much I disagree with it... Derpocalypse anypony?

So Saban is rushing Super Megaforce into production, barely a quarter through Megaforce (which might be half sized and spade and neutered plotwise. Rushing in while insulting and ignoring a majority of Power Rangers Past without even addressing the issue of pre Power Rangers Super Sentai. But it is only mid June... maybe Saban or at the very least Nickelodeon will address the long missing Megaforce, if not the concerns over the Legacy War... stay tuned for updates.